Binder LLC Civil Mediation

Johnny D. Johnson

Binder LLC

P.O. Box 2093

Missouri City, Texas 77459



Objective: To bring civil dispute parties to the table to resolve issues at the lowest level and cost.

Summary of Qualifications: Retired from the Internal Revenue Service after 31 years of Federal Government service. where I gained experience in mediating disputes and instructing conflict management skills workshops.

Educational Background: Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting – Texas Southern University

Affiliations: Alpha Phi Alpha, Fraternity, Inc., Advancement for the Improvement of Minorities, Christian Fundamentalist, Friendship Community Bible Church and President of The National Bowling Association Greater Houston Bowling Senate, National Audit Committee for T.N.B.A. and coach for First Tee of Houston.

Eligibility: EEO Counselor and Taxpayer Advocate Service manager with the Treasury Department of the United States

Binder LLC, started as a concept or idea of binding things together like a strong adhesive. Many years ago, I attended a Broadway stage play where one of the actors played the role of a man named Binder. During the play, someone asked him "why do they call you Binder"? and he responded "cause I Binds things together." His response stuck with me for over 20 years and now I have the opportunity to "bind people together" through my mediation practice.

Webster defines "binder" as a person or machine that binds things together such as (tar or cement) that produces or promotes cohesion. This is my goal here at Binder LLC: . bringing Civil dispute parties to the table to resolve their disputes at the lowest cost.

In my 31 plus years of working with conflict management, on both the federal and non-federal government sides, the one thing I realized is that people don't talk anymore. Instead of sitting down at the table with the ones we are having conflict with, we choose to file grievances or some type of formal costly complaint. I want to help you communicate your interest in such a manner where there is a clear understanding of your wants and needs. To me, COMMUNICATION is always the key to success or a common union which allows two or more parties the opportunity to commune together to resolve conflict.


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